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My Alternative.

i guess i’m doing this just for an alternative to my actual journal, somewhere i can go so i can read other poeples ideas and interests. i also love debating about things and sharing my love for music, i hope that my blogs help you to feel like your not alone maybe give you advice or hope.. i’m going to also put some of my playlists on here i hope they help as well. if there is anything you want to ask or know don’t hesitate i love giving advice and i will try my best.



check this Playlist out. 😀 i will add new music to this every now and they but it’s just a playlist of songs that can really twist my mood around if i’m having a bad day… these songs instantly make me happy.

Some reasons why i picked these songs…

Goodbye Stranger- I can picture my grandpa singing this with the high pitched voice and all.

I Feel Like Making Love- Reminds me of the movie Lymelife. 🙂

Alive With the Glory of Love- Always plays on my friends ipod, Say Anything just has a thing with their lyrics it makes you wonder what goes through thier minds. i love that.