Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morisette

Jagged Little Pill

     I’ve grown up listening to Alanis, and that could be why i love her music so much. Because it takes me back to some really good memories, but i think the main reason is she is so pure in a hardcore way. She seems brave but not cocky and that’s a really unique thing when it comes to artists.

     Some of my favorites off this album are Ironic, You learn, Hand In My Pocket, Mary Jane, and Not the Doctor. Don’t get me wrong i love the entire album these songs just spoke to me. This album is very bittersweet, earnest, and intimate. This album and Alanis as an artist herself is very sarcastic without giving examples it’s almost just the feel the album has to it. Listen to this if you’re having a bad day, it may not brighten your mood right away but you can just listen and not have to think.


      When you listen to this song and i mean really listen to it, sing along and picture yourself doing the things she talks about in this song it really gets to you… We don’t really think about the ironic things that happen to us everyday and how peculiar they might be and this song really shows that. Plus it has a fun, happy beat to it.

You Learn

     This song is true and can teach anyone a great life lesson without even using big words or trying to sound fancy it just gets to the point and i live for those songs. This song mixes emotion (which we live with everyday) into a song and into great meaning.

Not the Doctor

    This song is basically saying that she doesn’t want to be the one that has to fix everything, the one that someone has to lean on constantly. Or rather she shouldn’t be that person… ”i don’t wanna be the bandage if the wound is not mine, and lend me some fresh air.” This lyric in the song basically means to me she wants to help but she needs to fix her own wounds before she attempts to help anyone els with theirs. This song is also full of honesty.

Mary Jane

     This song could be about a selection of things and maybe a few of them unmentionable but i think that the main point of this song is the fact that she is missing something either tangible or intangible and she feels though she might need it to move on, and it’s just her realizing that thing or person she needs won’t be there and she had to deal with it.

Hand In My Pocket

     ” I’m broke but I’m happy, i poor but I’m kind. I’m short but I’m healthy… yeah.”

This song is her noticing her flaws but not to a point where it’s depressing because she realizes the good things she should be thankful for. We all know we do this but we look at our flaws more and this song is trying to say for every flaw you will find a great thing. This song is so inspirational to me, it makes a deep dark place better. (:


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