Secrets, away.

In this category i will be writing about simple things that happen in my everyday life, as well as my view on some things… i will have to warn you it might get a litte intense and if you ever have any positive responds to anything i write be free to respond. that’s what this is about.

This first thing i have to say is recently i think i have been avoiding things in life because i feel like they are useless, and when you feel that way for awhile it’s really hard to get over it. i say everyday i’m gonna try harder to make whatever this is go away. easier said then done. i have this friend someone i have been friends with for a long time and she’s great she would never do anything to hurt me and is constantly there, i feel like a horrible friend because i don’t think i’m there for her like i should be.

There is also this other friend, we were inseprable in middle school, and we went through a lot in the begginging of high school.. i swore we would be best friends forever… but i found out that wasn’t true the hard way. it hurts everyday i’m still not use to the fact that we won’t ever be as close as we once were.. but it doesn’t hurt to pretend. right?


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